Katie & Patrick // 6.16.18


Location: Carmel and Westfield, IN // Ceremony venue: St. Christopher's Episcopal Church // Reception Venue: Lindley Farmstead // Hair: Whitney Wisely // Makeup: Monika Ness // Bridal Dress: Blue House Bridal //  Bridesmaid Dresses: The Wedding Studio // Men's Wear: Men's Wearhouse // Florist: The Empty Vase // Music: T-Bone Disc Jockey // Catering: Ritz Charles // Transportation: Advanced Limousines // Photobooth: Snapifeye // Seamstress: Something Wonderful // Cake: Simply Perfection 

What was your favorite part or moment of your wedding day?

Patrick: The moment Katie turned the corner and I saw her for the first time. 

Katie: Walking down the aisle towards Pat, seeing him for the first time and knowing it was all about to begin! 

What are you looking forward to about your future together?

We are looking forward to experiencing life together, from the little things like sharing morning coffee and cooking meals to the big things like sharing in life's great moments, traveling, buying a house, having children, and growing old together. 

If you could give one piece of advice to a future bride or groom, what would it be?

Patrick: Try to take a step back on the big day and look around, take it all in, and enjoy it!

Katie: If you can, take a week or more before going on your honeymoon! We did as a happy accident and are glad we did. You'll be wiped out and super happy after the wedding, and taking the time to re-energize and get ready to go is worth it. Plus, then you don't have to worry about packing before the wedding. 


Are there any specific photos you can't wait to see?

Patrick: The times when I didn't see anything else but Kate: the first dance, the first look, those moments. 

Katie: This is a tough one! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of all of the families and the bridal party, but we also took some really special pictures of Pat and I at sunset that I can't wait to see. Seeing all of the details again will be fun too! 

kirsten wray photography

What did you enjoy most about having Kirsten Wray Photography as your wedding photographer?

We appreciated Cassy and Kyla's directions, which helped us and our bridal party know how to pose to capture great memories. Both of them made us feel really comfortable all throughout. Also, we appreciated their willingness to stick around and make sure we got all of the pictures we wanted. Kirsten Wray Photography is great! You guys get all the stars.